Send Monday - GC (28th Feb)

From: $55.00

Sending flowers for delivery today in Gold Coast? You’ve come to the right spot. Order before 11am same day delivery, or this will be delivered the following delivery day (no weekends or public holidays). If you’re looking to send out flowers on a later date, order here.

We go to the markets every day to ensure only the freshest flowers get delivered.

Our deliveries occur between 11:00am and 7:00pm (5.30pm for businesses) unfortunately we can’t offer time specific delivery. For more information on delivery, click here.
*NOTE: Flowers shown are for delivery on Wednesday 23rd February, and may slightly vary depending on availability. Next delivery day is Monday 28th February
There are three sizes to choose from: Small (from $55), Medium (from $85) & Large (from $115).

👶 Temporarily Closed 👶

Maternity leave

We’ve made the difficult decision to close for the next few months due to the impending arrival of our little baby girl! As a sole trader, I just wouldn’t be able to care for the little one and the business at the same time and do both jobs justice.

Fear not, we will return as soon as possible. We are extremely grateful to all of our wonderful customers and look forward to coming back and flowering soon xx

Happy Holidays

Hello! We’re currently enjoying a little down time, and will return with deliveries on Mon 10th Jan xx

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